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Stop! Intruder!


How CPI’s Award-Winning Security Solution Can Protect Your Data

While reports of hacking, malware and other digitally-sourced data breaches tend to dominate the headlines and force millions to increasingly change online passwords any time sensitive data gets exposed, there’s still no denying the importance of having proven physical security measures in place to protect data centers from unwanted intruders, and as is surprisingly more often the case in these acts, former and/or current employees that seek to undermine the very data they’re entrusted to help manage and protect.
No matter the culprit, the primary focus of these individuals is to gain access to critical and confidential data, either stealing it to sell for profit, make it public to sow chaos and disruption or any number of ill-intentioned outcomes.
To combat the threat, many data center managers take measures to install state-of-the-art security cameras to monitor and identify the activity within the data center. While it’s a viable solution that offers the ability to document when and how a data breach actually happens, what more can data center managers do to prevent intrusions happening in the first place?
Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) eConnect® Electronic Access Control (EAC) solution for starters, which includes patented technology that integrates the functions of an intelligent rack power distribution unit (PDU) with electronic locking and environmental monitoring.
Simply stated, CPI’s eConnect EAC removes the need to power and network these devices separately, offering significant deployment savings thanks to the technology’s ability to link up to 32 PDUs (16 cabinets with front and rear locks) under one IP address.
Better still, with a feature-set that allows users to program, monitor and control every cabinet access attempt remotely while keeping an electronic log entry for security and regulatory compliance purposes, it’s easy to see why the eConnect EAC was recently named ‘Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year’ at the 2019 DCS Awards in London.
Did we mention the EAC solution is also compatible with most existing employee cards and supports dual-factor authentication methods?

For more information on this award-winning security solution, be sure to read this white paper.